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Prof. Ahn says ““We have an instrumented treadmill, a large force platform, multiple motion capture cameras, EMG sensors, a wearable metabolic system, etc. However, the most valuable assets to our lab are the students. They are the ‘Avengers’ in the field of sports engineering, who have strong passion and expertise in either kinesiology, engineering or both.”


Prof. Jooeun Ahn

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, MIT

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, MIT

B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, SNU​


Graduate students

Jeongin Moon

Prabhat Pathak

Hyunji Kim

Jae Woo Cho

Sudeok Kim

Chihyeong Lee

Beomdo Kim

Eunsik Choi

Tae-gyun Park


Our recent research


Humans typically move in a way that is comfortable in the short term but harmful in the long term. Because the deleterious effects of such comfortable but unsafe motion develop slowly, people do not perceive the risk in time as in the case of disc degeneration. We can resolve this.



Detecting the intention of human movement requires multiple sensors. We reduced the number of required sensors dramatically… to …ONE.



Body compositions like muscle mass and fat mass are important indicators of health, but measuring them requires expensive devices like DXA or MRI. We propose a much easier way to estimate them.



Large variability of toe clearance during walking increases the risk of tripping. Applying small but barely detectable vibration to soles can reduce this risk.



The fact that some devices are widely used does not guarantee that they are reliable or accurate. We need to quantify their reliability & accuracy, and suggest better ways.



As we become older, both our strength and endurance decrease no matter how much we exercise. How and when will our motor ability begin to alter? We found the critical age when our athletic performance is likely to change.



When we walk or run on a treadmill, it feels so different from our over-ground exercise. Why so?



When we experience fatigue, we cannot balance well and may even fall. How can we mitigate this with undetectable vibration.


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