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  • Ph.D. University of Maryland, Dept. of Kinesiology: Emphasis – Biomechanics & Motor Control
  • M.S. Seoul National University, Dept. of Physical Education: Emphasis – Biomechanics & Sports Equipment Design
  • B.S. Seoul National University, Dept. of Physical Education


  • Assistant Professor, Montana State University, MT, USA
  • Research assistant professor, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA
  • Adjunct Instructor, Saint Francis University, PA, USA
  • Research Assistant, Korea Institute of Sport Science (KISS), Seoul, Korea

Research Approach & Articles (2017 ~)


  • Xu D, Kim SJ, Lee HY, Park J (2019) Effect of rotational frequencies on brain activity and motor coordination during multi-digit rhythmic rotation tasks The Journal of Neuroscience [In preparation]
  • Xu D, Choi JK, Park J (2019) The Effect of task difficulty on motor coordination and prefrontal metabolism during multi-finger pressing tasks Neuroscience [In preparation]
  • Park S, Song JK, Kim K, Park J (2019) Biomechanics and motor control of forward and back lunges The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research [In preparation]
  • Lee J, Song J, Park J (2019) The effects of external vibration on task performance and synergic action of multi-muscles during voluntary isometric torque production Journal of Applied Biomechanics [In review]
  • Park J, Xu D (2019) Effect of gravity on decoupled control of grasping and rotational action during multi-digit lifting task Journal of Neuroengineering and rehabilitation [In preparation]
  • HJ Joung, CY Chung, J Park, J Ahn, MS Park, Y Lee (2019) Creative dance improves gait performance in adolescents with cerebral palsy Disability and Rehabilitation [In review]
  • Kong J, Kim K, Joung HJ, Chung CY, Park J (2019) Effects of spastic cerebral palsy on multi-finger coordination during isometric force production tasks. Experimental Brain Research [In revision]
  • Song JK, Kim K, Park J (2019) History dependence of muscle excitation and oxygenation during isometric knee extension force production Frontiers in Physiology [In review]
  • Shin N, Xu D, Song JK, Park J (2019) Effect of fingertip temperature on neuromechanical mechanism of multi-finger system in human Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics [Accepted]
  • Lee D, Yoon D, Lee JY, Panday SB, Park J, Song W (2019) Effects of High-speed Power Training on Neuromuscular and Gait Functions in Frail Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment Despite Blunted Executive Functions: A Randomized Controlled Trial. The Journal of Frailty & Aging [Accepted]
  • Lim C, Park J (2018) Sport consumer behavior Sport marketing textbook of Asian Association for Sport Management 165-182
  • Kim K, Xu D, Park J (2018) Effect of kinetic degrees-of-freedom on multi-finger coordination during force production and release task Scientific Reports [Accepted for publication]
  • Park J, Ahn J, Moon HY, Kim Y, Um H (2017) Analysis of relationship among physical fitness measurement factors in high school students using PAPS. Secondary Education Research [Accepted for publication]
  • Lee J, Song J, Ahn J, Park J (2017) Effect of short-term muscle vibration on knee joint torque and muscle firing patterns during a maximal voluntary isometric contraction. Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics [Accepted for publication]
  • Kim K, Xu D, Park J (2017) Effect of kinetic degrees of freedom of fingers on task performance during force production and release: archery shooting-like action. Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics [Accepted for publication]
  • Park J, Xu D (2017) Multi-finger interaction and synergies in finger flexion and extension force production. Frontiers Human Neuroscience [Accepted for publication]
  • Lewis MM, Lee EY, Jo HJ, Park J, Flynn MR, Kong L, Latash ML (2016) Synergy as a new and sensitive marker of basal ganglia dysfunction: A study of asymptomatic welders. NeuroToxicology 56: 76-85

Participation in Global Conference

Progress in Motor Control

Main conference theme
  - Movement Improvement
  - Sub conference themes
  - Robot lessons

  - Dynamics of improvement
  - Improving internal models
  - Exploration
  - Rehabilitation 

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