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  • Prof. : Lee, Yong Ho
  • Office : Bld. 71-1 Rm. 411
  • Phone : 02-880-7762
  • Email :


  • Bicycle and Sports Science
  • Topics in Adapted Physical Activity for People with Disability
  • Diagnostic groups in Adapted Physical Activity
  • Physical education for the Disabled

Academic Training

  • Bachelor of Social Physical Education at Myongji Univ.
  • Master of Western Illinois Univ.
  • Doctor of Univ. of Minesota

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Univ. Of Regina, 2005-2008
  • Assistant Professor, Univ. of Toledo, 2008-2011
  • Professor, Seoul National Univ., Current

Field of Studies

  • Rehabilitation Movement for the Elderly and Disabled
  • Inclusive Sport
  • Improvement in Health
  • Fall Prevention etc.

Recent Researches

  • Development of parents supported adapted physical activity program to promote physical activity for children with disabilities (2015.5~2016.4, The Department of Education)
  • Development and application of evidence based afterschool physical activity program protocol for children with disabilities (2015.6~2018.5, Seoul National University)
  • Development and Validation of the Rural Community Dance Program for the Elderly in Sunchang Region (2016.6~2017.5, Sunchang Health Longevity Research Institute)
  • Development and Application of Health Programs for Adult Development Disorder Persons (2018.4~2018.12, Gangdong-gu Community Health Center)
  • Development and Application of Program for the underprivileged of Physical Education (a child with developmental disorder, Youth and Adults) (2015.4~present, Seoul Sports Association for the Differently abled)
  • Developing Physical Activity Program for Healthy School Life of Children with Development Coordination Disorder (2016.5~present, The Department of Education)
  • A Study on the Rehabilitation Project in 2019 as an area linked to high school and college (2019.04~2019.12, Civil Service)
  • Development of a Physical Activity Program to Improve the Life Skill of Adult with Intellectual Disabilities (2019.07 ~ 2021.07, The Department of Education)

SNU FUN & KICK(Old Name : Physical Activity Program for Children with Disability)

  • A.P.E. research unit has been running a program called ‘Physical Activity Program for Children with Disability’ since 1997. It was renamed as ‘SNU Fun & Kick’ in 2011.
  • Fun Program(children class) and Kick Program(teenager & adult class) are operated by over 60 students, including students majoring in APA and undergraduate volunteers, under guidance of professors.
  • Based on the theory of learning according to the curriculum of physical education, it provides all development programs beyond simple treatment and education.
  • Changing the perception of people with disabilities, providing the community with sustainable living and physical education environment for the people with disabilities.


  • This is based on: (1) Case of SNU Fun & Kick’s successful program operation, (2) The program development of parents involving with their children with disabilities regarding physical activities for last three years(Yong-ho Lee, 2016), (3) The development and application of Evidence-based Physical education program protocol for Children with Disabilities(Yong-ho Lee, 2017)
  • This program provides empirical evidence for participating ‘families’ to learn the value of physical activities. It greatly influences the actual participants(kids) in a positive way.
  • SNU Comm consists of 34 people, and they are 15 kids, 15 kids’ families, and four instructors. This program provides physical activity that considers characteristic of our elementary students.
  • The kids will experience change of psychology, verbal/non-verbal communication, social interaction, and motor development. 
  • The purpose of the program is to help bring about an optimistic change in a daily life by enjoying physical activities and to expand the base of ‘Adapted Physical Activity’ in the region. 

Research Paper

  • A Study on the Effects of the Parent Participated Aquatic Exercise Program for Children with Developmental Disability (2017). Journal of Special Education, 24(1), pp 111-141.
  • The Effects of Adapted golf program on Motor performance and Timing ability of adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities (2017). Journal of adapted physical activity and exercise, 25(3), pp 1-12.
  • The Effects of Community Dance on Motor Ability in Students with Intellectual Disabilities : A Pilot Study (2017). Official Journal of the Koeran Society of Dance Science, 34(4), pp 2-27.
  • A Practical Strategy on Dance Education for the Implement of Inclusive Education (2017). The Journal of Inclusive Education, 12(2), pp 167-197. 
  • An exploratory Study on The Present State of Adapted Physical Activity in the North Korea (2018). Review of North Korean Studies, 21(1).
  • The Effect of Adapted golf program on Visual perception and Attention of student with Intellectual Disability (2018). Journal of adapted physical activity and exercise, 26(1), pp 109-132.
  • Qualitative Research on the Process of Initiation and Adaptation of the People with spinal Cord Injury in Wheelchair Rugby Team (2019). Journal of adapted physical activity and exercise, 27(1), pp 1-17.
  • A Meta-Analysis of effectiveness on exercise interventions to improve gait ability in children with cerebral palsy (2019). Journal of adapted physical activity and exercise, 27(2), pp 17-32.


Special Olympic

Summer & Winter Seminar

Conference Participation

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