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This lab studies the principles and application of human movement. Specifically, there are motor learning, motor control, motor development.

→ The purpose of this study is to identify the biomechanical mechanisms of motor learning and to identify principles of motor control and optimal motor learning method by comparing the motion between beginners and elite athletes according to their skill.
→ Using virtual reality, we are trying to develop a system that provides information to detect errors during performance and to form the system of motor behavior.


Seonjin Kim

Research Area

Recent Research , Project

  • Research of Exercise Skill Learning Using Augmented Reality Based Real-time Feedback (2018.07-01 ~ 2019.06.30. Ministry of Education)
  • Effects of baseball expertise and stimulus speeds on coincidence-anticipation timing accuracy of batting(2018. Korea Institute of Sports Science)
  • Convergence research of motor behavior and traffic engineering to identify the mechanism of accidents through the physical ability of the elderly driver in traffic environment (2016. SNU)
  • Identification of Neurophysiological Mechanism in the Learning of Exercise(2015. Ministry of Education and Science Technology)
  • Differential contribution of visual and auditory information to accurately predict the direction and rotational motion of a visual stimulus (2016. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism)
  • A Preliminary Study of Reaction Time in Korean Children with Developmental Coordination(2017.The Korean Journal of Elementary Physical Education)
  • Failure of Arm Movement Control in Stroke Patients, Characterized by Loss of Complexity(2015.PLUS ONE)

Research and Equipment

tDCS Dynamic
Balance test

VR cognitive
learning strategy

VR timing change

M-ABC measurement and development analysis

Rhythm, Timing, Accuracy analysis using IM(interactive metronome)

Predictive response time measurement analysis


Coordination analysis based on IMU utilization feedback



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