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  • Sport Flow
  • Psychological Skill Training
  • Exercise Psychology
  • Intrinsic Motivation Theory


Doctoral Students

Master’s Students

Academic Researches

  • 2018 Affective changes in different physical environments and the effects of "Green Exercise" A mixed method approach, International Journal of Sport Psychology, 49(3), 201-223.
  • 2018 Elation among Competitive Trait Anxiety, Exercise Stress and Jinx Dependence: Multi-group Analysis across Individual and Team-sports Athletes, Korean Journal of Physical Education, 57(2), 39-48.
  • 2018 The Effects of Arousal Regulation through Olfactory Inhalation on Static Stability and Heart Rate, Korean Journal of Sport Psychology, 29(3), 219-227.
  • 2018 Impression Management of Soccer Coaches in The Perspective of Erving Goffman, Korean Journal of Sport Psychology, 29(4), 39-55.
  • 2018 The Longitudinal Mediating Effect of Community Spirit on the Relationship between Exercise Hours and Peer Relation in Elementary School Students, Korean Journal of Sport Psychology, 29(4), 27-37.
  • 2018 The Effect of Physical Activities on the Mood State and Sleep: Analysis Using Data from Wearable Devices, Korean Journal of Physical Education, 57(6), 87-99.


  • 07.2019 ~ 06.2020 / A Study on the Flow Patterns and Mechanisms of Athletes in Competition: Application of Flow Engine Framework / Ministry of Education
  • 04.2019 ~ 03.2020 / A Study on the Relationship between athletes' Jul-Sil and Peak Performance: Does the Jul-Sil affect an athlete's performance? / Seoul Nat’l Univ.
  • 03.2019 ~ 12.2019 / Application of Professional Golfers Psychological Skills Training for Peak Performance / Next Sports Co., Ltd.
  • 12.2018 ~ 02.2019 / An Analysis of the Experience Case of SNPE and Development and Validation of Measurement Scale for Evaluating the Effect of SNPE / SNPE Co., Ltd.
  • 07.2017 ~ 06.2019 / Development and application of the old people’s life skill program through exercise and psychological skills training / Ministry of Education

Academic Activity

2019 Annual Conference to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the KSSP (Presentation of Research Results of Life Skill Project for the Elderly)

Skill Training for
Golfers in Vietnam


The 31th Seoul International Sport Conference
in Commemoration of
The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

Psychological Skill Training
for Golfers
in Vietnam


Lab Event

2019 Research Lab
Summer Workshop
in YangYang

Ph.D. Graduation
(Dr. Kang Sang Wook)

2019 Research Lab
Summer Workshop
in YangYang

Sports & Exercise Psychology Lab vs
Teaching Assistant Team
Futsal, Volleyball Game



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