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  • Sun-Yong Kwon
  • Rm. 505, Bldg. 71-1
  • Course development & Teaching Sport Sociology, Sport Policy, Wind Surfing, Sport Activity
  • E-mail:
  • Office: +82-2-880-7703

Introduce lab

At Seoul National University, Department of Physical Education, Sociology of Sport lab, we try to understand social phenomenon in the context of sports. This leads to an attempt to learn more about complex social phenomena though sociological theories and concepts within the sporting world. Furthermore, students of the lab put in effort to draw their attention toward social issues to produce field-oriented and practical knowledge for social change. In this regard, studies attempt to understand social phenomenon from an academic perspective which can later contribute practical knowledge to decision making and implementation of sport related policies. Therefore, members of the lab participate in seminars held by Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, Korean society for the Sociology of Sport, Korean Society of Sport Policy as well as present academic research topics and share insights at annual international sport conferences such as the International Sociology of Sport Association(ISSA).


  • Doctoral course : Yunjung Kim, Eunhye Yoo, Daesuk Jang, Hojin Joo, Hyundon Jung, Chanwoo Park, Seungil Park, Eol Lee, Taehee Kang, Yongkun Lee
  • Master’s course : Minyong Cha, Sunjin Kim, Joonyoung Park


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Research Grants/Contracts

  • [1] 2019년도 KBO 전문기록원 과정 교육프로그램 연구(2019)
  • [2] 서울대학교 스포츠클러스터 마스터플랜(2018)
  • [3] 마리나선박 이용여건 개선 및 관광상품 개발에 따른 제도적 개선 방안 마련(2018)
  • [4] 대학 체육수업의 미세먼지 기준에 관한 연구 (2018)
  • [5] 2018년도 KBO 전문기록원 과정 교육프로그램 연구(2018)
  • [6] 대학 학생선수 학사관리 제도 개선 방안(2017)




New Zealand(2019)


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