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Center for Sport Behavioral Science Research aims to create knowledge that can improve individual quality of life and contribute to society through sports


  • Yukyoum Kim
  • Office : Bldg 71-1 Rm 409
  • E-mail :
  • Research Area : Sport Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Well-being


  • Professor, 2018-present Department of Physical Education, Seoul National University
  • Advisory Committee member on Sports and Human Rights of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
  • Standing Committee of the Korea Basketball Association
  • Editorial Writer of the Seoul Metropolitan Sports Council
  • Advisory Committee on the Safety Management of Sports Facilities for the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
  • Associate Professor, 2013-2014  Department of Sport Management, Florida State University


  • Journal of Sport Management, Editorial Board Member
  • Sport Management Review, Editorial Board Member
  • Sport Marketing Quarterly, Editorial Board Member
  • Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science, Editorial Board Member
  • Journal of Global Sport Management, Associate Editor
  • International Journal of Human Movement Science, Editorial Board Member


  • Kim, Y., Magnusen, M. J., Kim, M., Lee, H. -W. (in press). A meta-analytic review of the factors affecting sport consumer consumption behaviors. 
               Sport Marketing Quarterly. [SSCI]
  • Kim, Y., & Lee, L. (in press). Common mistakes in statistical and methodological practices of sport management research. 
               Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science. [SSCI] 
  • Kim, Y., Smith, R. S., & Kwak, D. H. (2018). Feelings of gratitude: Mechanism for consumer reciprocity. 
               European Sport Management Quarterly, 18, 307-329.[SSCI]
  • Kim, Y., Lee, H. -W., Magnusen, M. J., & Kim, M. (2015). Factors influencing sponsorship effectiveness: A meta-analytic review and research synthesis.
               Journal of Sport Management, 29, 408-425. [SSCI]
  • Kim, Y., Trail, G. T., & Magnusen, M. J. (2013). Transition from motivation to behavior: Examining the moderating role of identification on the relationship 
               between  motives and attendance. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship.14, 190-211. [SSCI]
  • Kim, Y., Trail, G. T., Kwon, H. H., Gacio-Harrolle, M., Braunstein, J., & Dick, R. (2012). The effects of vicarious achievement on BIRGing and CORFing: 
               Testing moderating and mediating effects of team identification. Sport Management Review, 15, 345-354. [SSCI] 
  • Kim, Y., Trail, G. T., & Ko, Y. J. (2011). The influence of relationship quality on sport consumption behaviors: An empirical examination of the relationship 
               quality framework. Journal of Sport Management, 25, 576-592. [SSCI]


  • Research Fellow, North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), June 2011.
  • Sport Marketing Case Study Competition. Sport Marketing Association, October 2010. 
  • University Teaching Award Nomination. Office of the Provost, Florida State University, February 2012



Title Period Organization
Sports Curriculum for Global Leaders 2019. 7 ~ present Seoul National University
Establishing roadmap of securing international level stadiums  2018.12 ~ 2019. 8 Seoul
Development of Handball Leader Academy Curriculum and Textbooks 2019. 2 ~ 2019. 3 Sports Intelligence
A Study on the Prevention of Safety Accidents in Physical Education Activities 2019.1 ~ 2019. 8 SSIA
An Analysis of the Global Environment for the Revitalization of Korea 2018. 5 ~ 2018. 8 KISC
Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Professional Sports Broadcasting Rights Sales and Research on Pricing Structure 2016.12. ~ 2017. 2 KPSA
Investigation of Safety Accidents in Sports Facilities and Publish Case Book 2016. 8 ~ 2016.12 KSPO
Development of International Competition Sports Event Management Service Platform (Standardization Link) 2016. 3 ~ 2017. 2 Industrial Account Support Division
A Survey on the Actual Condition of Sports Safety Accidents 2015. 10 ~ 2016. 4 Korea Sports Safety Foundation
Encourage appreciation through sponsorship: theory establishment and demonstration 2014. 11 ~ 2015. 10 Seoul National University



  • Doctoral program
    Jihyeon Oh, Sukgyun Yun, Namkyung Jang
  • Master’s Course
    Jinguk Kim, Deukmuk Bae, Jiyeon Baek, Keonho Oh, Jaehee Lee, Jiho Lee, Jaeyeop Ha, Saehana Jeong, Young Chen, Hou Jinfeng


  • 10 Graduates 
    5 working in the sports industry (Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, etc.) 
    5 PhDs (Seoul National University, University of Florida, etc.)


  • Effects of the Type of Attraction on the Angry and Negative Spinning Intentions of Fans in the Defeat of the Game: The Counter-Returns and Cautionary Changes
  • Effects of Self-determination Motivation Types of Public Sports Workers on Knowledge Sharing, Implicit Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Retention
  • Effects of Service Failure of Professional Sports Club on the Perceived Betrayal and Relational Discontinuation of Fan : Focused on the Effect of Adjustment of Related Quality


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