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  • Choonghoon Lim (Ph. D)
  • Major : Sports Consumer Behavior, Sports Marketing
  • Building 71-1, Room 509
  • e-mail :


The Sports Consumer Behavior Lab is dedicated to actively investigating the social, situational, and psychological mechanisms that guide sports consumers’ decision making and consumption behavior. 

 Graduate students, under the guidance of Professor Lim, conduct cutting-edge research in the dynamic and ever-changing sports management environment by studying a wide range of consumer characteristics, psychology, behavior and motivations in diverse context such as sponsorship and advertisements, sportswear, brands, sports teams/athletes/franchises, etc. 

Furthermore, many research projects are being conducted to contribute to the sustainable growth of sports industries with contracts with many private and public entities.


  • A Study on the training of practical professional sport industry personnel (2019). Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.
  • Advanced management program for global sports leaders (2019). Seoul National University Office of Research Affairs at SNU and the SNU R&DB Foundation.
  • Marina business center feasibility study  (2019). Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
  • Policy, institution, and legal considerations for the improvement of marina ship utilization and the development of maritime tourism (2018). Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
  • Examining the value transfer effect of olympic sponsorship: scale development and analysis of sponsors’ webpages (2018). The Ministry of Education.
  • Collegiate athletes’ bachelor’s degree management policy and systems reform plan development (2017). Korea University Sport Federation.
  • Sports administrators of developing countries curriculum management (2017). Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
  • Construction & operation plan for the siheung city-seoul national university education partnership center (2016). Baegot New Town Special Purpose Company.


  • Hur, Y., Lim, C., Won, D., (2018). Types of brand transgressions and consumers’ moral reasoning strategies on an endorser, Sport Marketing Quarterly.
  • Lee, M., Poter, M., Lim, C., Pedersen, M. P., (2018). The effectiveness of advertising embedded in televised sport programming: how team performance influences attitude formation, Sport Marketing Quarterly.
  • Lim, C., Hur, Y., & Song, S. (2018). Sponsorship information reception and processing: explicit and implicit memory in in-game advertising. Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal, 46(6), 935-952.
  • Oh, I., Jung, M., & Lim, C.** (2017). The effect of traditional marketing and experiential marketing on stadium revisit intention and brand equity of professional sport teams: a study of professional baseball game spectator. Korean Journal of Physical Education, 56(5), 403-417
  • Won, D., Goo, B., Lim, C. **(2017). Crisis communication strategies of professional baseball teams: focusing on message appeal type and message delivery method. Korean Journal of Sport Science, 28(3), 608-622
  • Ha, J., Chung, J, J., & Lim, C. **(2017). Quality of a mobile sport website: development and psychometric evaluation of a scale. South African Journal of Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, 39(2).
  • Oh, I., Kim, H., & Lim, C.** (2016). Influence of visual attention on A-board advertising awareness in E-Sport: based on explicit and implicit memories. Korean Journal of Sport Management, 21(5), 45-57.
  • Lim, C., Kim, K., & Cheong, Y. (2016). Factors affecting sportswear buying behavior: a comparative analysis of luxury vs. regular brands of sportswear. Journal of Business Research, 69(12), 5793-5800.

Academic Activities

The 56th Annual Conference of the Korean Association of Physical Education in Commemoration of the National Sports Festival (2018)

Korea Sports Industry Management Association 
Spring Conference (2019)


Global Sport
Science Conference


The Achievements of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Future Tasks Forum (2018)

Social Activities



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