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  • Professor: Kihan Kim (Ph.D)
  • Building 71-1, Room 508 
  • Office: +82-2-880-7792

Center for Sport & Media Research (CSMR) at Seoul National University is Professor Kihan Kim’s research group. 

CSRM fulfils its responsibility towards society by producing and distributing knowledge that are essential to good management in both public and private sport organizations and social policy development through research on the socioeconomic function and role of sport and media.

CMSR provides an opportunity for cultivating professional knowledge and state of the art research as to resolve various challenges facing our society in respect of sport to our graduate and doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. 

The core values of CSMR are 'excellence' and 'social  responsibility'    from the perspective of performing social responsibility through research and studies.

Recent Research Projects

  • ​National Research Foundation of Korea (Department of Education)
    [Research Title] Analysis of the Legacy of 2018 Pyeongchang
    Olympic Games: Social Network Analysis Based on Online Big Data, using A Difference-in-Differences Analysis and Survey of Local Residents to Evaluate the Mid-to-Long Term Trends of the Olympic Legacy
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government
    [Research Title] Excavation of Profit Model (Remodeling) of Jamsil Olympic Stadium
  • The Korea e-Sports Association
    [Research Title] A Survey on Consumers’ Perception on Corporate Sponsorship in esport

Conferences & Seminars

The 31st Seoul
International Sport Conference
in Commemoration of
the 1988 Seoul Olympic

2018 Korea Sports Media
Fall Conference


Laboratory Seminars & 
Research Exchange


22019 Global Fashion
Conference in Paris


Other Activities and Events 



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