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Degree Requirements (Minimum Credit Requirement, check for specific major)

Class Year Major credit requirement Major credit requirement Minor credit requirement Interdepartmental credit requirement Comment
Class of 2007 52
Class of 2008 60
(Other major credits 52)
(Teaching license acquirement unattainable with minor)
52(Excludes minor)
Class of 2009 and after 50 * Major, double major, interdepartmental major credit requirement 21credits (7subjects), at least 8 credits of ideal and education field included

Credit Requirement 

<Student admitted after 2009>

  1. General Education : Minimum 36 credits
  2. Major Courses : Minimum 60 credits (Refer to core major courses and Physical Education department standards) * Minimum 52 credits for other major completion)
  3. Teaching : Minimum 22 credits (Teaching theory : Min. 14 credits, Teaching Aptitude : Min.4 credits, Student Teaching : Min. 4 credits)

Bylaws(2010. 2. ~)

  • Must complete at least 5 courses including Physical Education 1, 2, extracurricular activities, and life sports.
  • ※ must take required courses (track-and-field1(track), apparatus gymnastics1(floor), swimming1, PE course, PE method)
  • Must take one course from aquatic sport course (choose 1 from yacht, windsurfing, scuba diving) and ski course (ski, snowboarding).
  • ※ ☆ must take curriculum education course (Theories of Physical Education (physical activity fundamentals), Sports Education (PE course), PE teaching material research and PE method guidance).
  • Students enrolled after 1998 must take at least 21 credits (3credits X 7 semesters) of practicum courses.
  • Depending on credited practicum courses, student may take practical examination for graduation.
  • Female(dance) graduation practical courses includes gymnastics(choose1), track-and-field(choose1), ball sports(choose 1) added (from April 2013 faculty meeting).
  • PE liberal arts courses are not included in graduation requirement credits (130credits).
  • Repeated taking of dance education (2), modern dance (3), Korean dance (4) is allowed.
  • Students graded A- and better in graduation practicum course are exempt from practical examination of that course.
  • Female students must complete ‘Introduction to modern dance’, ‘Introduction to Korean dance’ class.

2014 Physical Education Undergraduate Completion Bylaws

Course Category Course Title Credits Comment
Major Requirement Track-and-field 1 (Track) 1 Practicum for graduation course (students with A- or higher grade exempt)
Track-and-field 2 (Field) 1
Apparatus gymnastics 1 (floor) 1
Apparatus gymnastics 2 (long horse, horizontal bar) 1
Calisthenics 1
Swimming 1 1  
Sports Education (subject) 3  
Education teaching material research and methods (subject) 3  
Physical Education Theory (subject) 3  
PE logic and essay 2  
Major Elective Extracurricular activities 1 At least 5 courses including PE1, 2 required
Retake possible
Life sports 1
Yacht 1 Choose 1
Wind surfing 1
Scuba diving 1
Ski 1 Choose 1
Snow board 1
Introduction to modern dance 1 ※ Female students required
Introduction to Korean dance 1
History of physical education, philosophy 3 Choose 3
Sociology of Sports 3
Dance education 2
Sports media 2
Physiology of athletics 3 Choose 5
Kinematics 3
Measurement and Evaluation of Physical Education 2
Health Education 2
Motor learning and psychology 3
Special Physical Education 2
Liberal Arts Selective PE 1 1 Required
PE 2 1 Required
Not including other liberal arts PE course credits for graduation (130) excluding PE 1, 2
Selective Practicum Major elective and liberal arts including minimum 21 credits
English Courses 10 credits including 2 major liberal arts courses
Internship Program Official documents as proof of volunteer work from related schools and organizations
Teaching Aptitude Understanding and education special needs children 2 Required
Teaching practices 2
Prevention and handling of school violence 2
Theory of Teaching Introduction to Education 2 Required
Psychology of Education 2 Required
Philosophy of Education and History of Education 2
Sociology of Education 2
Curriculum 2
Evaluation of Education 2
Education administration and management 2
Education methods and technology 2
Theory and reality of counseling and guidance 2
Teaching Practicum Student teaching 2 Required
Education volunteer 1 Retake 2 times
Teacher aptitude personality test 2 competent result required




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