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2017 11 Sports Education and Research Building Open
2013 9 New semester of Dream Together Master being
2011 9 New semester of Global Sports Management course begin
1997 3 Founded Athletics Department in affiliation to Seoul National University Sports Promotion Foundation, support on campus athletics club and various sports event, and contribute in national/international amity exchange in athletics activities
1996 8 Publication of symposium and commemoration essays in celebration of Physical Education Department’s 50th anniversary
1989 2 Relocation from building 11 to current Sports Gym (building 71) in Gwanak Campus
1988 12 Founded College of Education Sport and Physical Education Leader Training Institute
1982 3 Produce high-quality leaders by establishing doctoral program
1978 3 Founded Business College affiliate Physical Education Laboratory
1975 2 With relocation from Yongdu-dong, Seoul building to Gwanak Campus, department name changed and established from College of Education - Physical Education to Physical Education 
1959 3 Established Physical Education as a Master’s course in College of Education
1950 2 First Physical Education major graduated at the third graduation ceremony


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