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The Best Faculty.

Seoul National University offers various knowledge and physical abilities at the best environment by excellent faculty with doctorates from globally recognized universities. Experiences from teaching at prestigious universities are utilized in educating students to become the best leaders, as well as being recognized for academic research.

Renewed as specialized leaders and research personnel with the best talent.

Students of SNU Physical Education department are Korea’s best talents who are the next generation of leaders. In reality, they act as pioneers of elite physical education and sports development affiliated in Korea’s physical and sports related industry, organizations, and various associations. Moreover, they advance to teachers and professors of the physical education department and display their capabilities in the field of sports research.

Becoming worldly leader playing a pivotal role in education and academics.

We provide a variety of theory and practical subjects to cultivate the needed knowledge in theory and practical abilities to prepare students to act as leaders of physical education. Moreover, the detailed degrees that graduate school offers aim to promote improvement in acquisition of knowledge and research ability. With sports science labs at the head, we cultivate leaders by offering every field of study laboratories to aid in research and use the outcome to give back to society and further serve the world.




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