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Dept Chair’s Greeting

Dept Chair’s Greeting

With today’s medical development, the human life span has expanded and with advancement in science and technology, humans are undoubtedly living much convenient lives. However, there is no alternative to the physical and mental health and happiness that comes from achievements brought on by mobility. In the fast paced modern society, the role of sports in all social fields are growing and with this growth the demand for experts who will lead and create value through sports is also increasing.

Seoul National University Physical Education Department aims to increase the quality of life and develop a healthy social system and culture through physical activity and sports, as well as to cultivate true educators who can pass these values on to the next generations. Our superb group of faculty and researchers, through excellent facilities and education programs, conduct world leading researches and cultivate leaders of sports related fields based on tenacity, scientific knowledge and expert experiences.

We aim to contribute in cultivating sports experts with a healthy body, sound mind and shining intelligence and conduct excellent researches that will aid them to lead the world in creating a healthy and bright future. Thank you for your interest and encouragement.




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